Nuendo Click using Beeps instead of Sounds

We’ve used N6 with Win7Pro SP1 for 8 years (don’t laugh, it works fine for us.) For all this time the metronome used a click sound that we created. Suddenly, for no logical reason, it only gives us the software-generated beeps. I go to the Metronome Setup page and it’s set the way it always is. Yes, the click WAV files exist and haven’t moved. I even tried selecting them again. It just won’t use them for some reason. Any ideas? It sounds like a little thing but it’s a big problem. Thanks.


In your pic both Hi and Low sounds are using the same audio file called New Click.wav. Is that what you want?

Perhaps something has gone wrong with the files. Try to play them outside Nuendo to check them.

I don’t have N6 running but have tried loading two
different .wav files using N7 and all works as expected.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, it’s correct, “New click.wav” is literally a click sound (rather than a pitch) and we simply have it play louder on the downbeats. The files are still there. The files play just fine. And it has worked for YEARS this way. That’s why this is so frustrating- there’s no logical reason why it isn’t working now… at least not one we can find. It just suddenly started using the Beeps, even though it is clearly set to “Sounds”. ??