Nuendo compatibility

I use Cubase 6.02 in 64bit more, on a W7/64bit system. I am starting a project with another musician who has recorded some projects in Nuendo. Obviously, I can import his stems (at whatever his original sample/bit rates) and work with them on my system, then send new stems back. But I’m curious if I can actualy upen a Nuendo file in Cubase or if he would be able to open my Cubase file in Nuendo. Any one tried to do this?

Hi - according to this chart:-

…C6 will happily import N2, N3, N4 and N5 project files. Don’t know what caveats there will be with any of those mind, but won’t take many minutes to give it a practise shot - and you could report back the news for us…!

Good luck. :slight_smile: