Nuendo constantly crashes after update 8.2

Does anyone else experience this? Nuendo is rendered useless after the lastest 8.2 update. It does not crash if no video window is activated, but once you do, Nuendo crashes randomly every few minutes. It does not play a role if the software video engine or our Decklink card is used for playback.
We’re currently back to Nuendo 7 until this is fixed.
Any suggestions?

I must be missing something here. What do you mean by ‘software video engine’? You mean Nuendo’s video engine?? :confused:

I’d suggest the crashes are probably due to the new Nuendo video engine which may not correctly handle the video file you are using. What are the details of the video file (codec/container) which causes the crash? Does the crash happen with all types of video files?

Have you updated to 8.2.1?