Nuendo Content vs Absolute 6

Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone knows, if I purchase Absolute 6 and install everything from it. Do I even need to load the “additional content” from Nuendo 12 or is it all just redundant?

My main objective of buying Absolute 6 would also be so that I can reach the content from Studio One 6.


You’re talking two different things here, honestly. Nuendo specializes in post audio production for films, commercials, television, games, etc. If you don’t do any of that and just make music you’re best using Cubase if you’re looking into a new music production DAW.

Hi There,

Thanks for the quick response. I don’t think I explained myself good enough. Let me give a little more clarity in what I am trying to do.

I primarily use Studio One v6. I bought Absolute 6 and installed everything. It’s beautiful and everything shows up in Studio One v6 perfectly.

Now, I also now bought on sale a license of Nuendo 12 because I want to utilize the powerful surround sound features of Nuendo.

Nuendo has an enormous amount of loops, VST’s, sounds etc. called additional content. So does Cubase, My question is, since Nuendo and Cubase technically seem to come with the “light” versions of all the VST’s I bought in Absolute 6 (Halion 7 full, Sonic, Padshop etc.), can I skip installing all the additional content on the Nuendo installer because all of the VST loops etc. are already a part of Absolute 6?

Does that make more sense?


Most of the content included with Cubase and Nuendo are exclusively available to users of Steinberg’s DAWs. For example, the Halion Sonic SE content for Cubase and Nuendo includes samples from the original Yamaha Motif and Yamaha Tyros workstations which aren’t included with the content for Halion 7 or the Halion Sonic 7 Collection.

If you have a valid Nuendo license, this content for Steinberg’s VST instruments will also be available for use in other DAWs.

Ohhhh yeah that makes more sense. Sounds like if you have the full version there’d be no need for the LITE.

Here’s another forum with a similar question for reference.