Nuendo crashes constantly (using the mixer)

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I tried to do a mix in Nuendo 6.0.6. After several crashes, no warnings, no way to save, I got tired and stopped using the mixer at all, that helped.

What I get is a runtime error, something with C, i don’t know exactly, I’ll guess you’ve all seen it.

I’m a bit surprised this happens in 6.0.6, I thought this bug would be the first Steinberg addressed. I didn’t really have this problem in 6.0.5.


  1. Is this still happening to you guys? Crash when using (opening / closing) the mixer in 6.0.6?

  2. Is there anything I can do? Update / configure windows? (win 8, latest)

  3. I have never owned Nuendo 5, only 1,2,3,4 and 6, can I download it and use it with my license? It seems like Nuendo 5 is the stable one. With a mixer that looks as it should. (I hate the new mixer, the people responsible for the design should be ashamed, and Steinberg for releasing it).

/Philip (Win 8, Haswell, RME Hammerfall)

Nuendo 6 in all versions has been pretty stable for me. I’m using 6.06 now. Win7, 2 UAD quads and Lynx audio cards.



Sorry to hear about your troubles, we’ve all been there.

Did you have N4 or N3 installed on your machine before installing N6? Because when I installed N5 over N3 it caused me major headaches in N5. When I wiped my drive clean and installed N5 first, and then N3, all was OK. However maybe if I had trashed the preferences folder for N5 as is often discussed here, maybe that would’ve precluded needing a fresh install - but I wasn’t aware of that option at the time.

Lastly, it is my understanding that your N6 license covers all previous versions, so if you can ask somebody here for an ISO installer of N5, you should be good to go. It seems that when I check the Steinberg downloads page, that only the updates for N5 are available, but not the original program.

Good luck!

Thanks for the answers Dean and StudioRay!

Just a quick update.

Today I turned of ASIO Guard and not a single crash. I could actually use the mixer after that.

Cool. I’m glad you figured it out quickly. I honestly don’t know how ASIO guard works. I noticed that my CPU meter doesn’t bounce around as much with it on. I just leave it on and haven’t seen a problem.