Nuendo crashes

Installed Nuendo 12
it crashes when trying to change audio outputs
Works with version 11 Same issue with Cubase
Installed another Daw studio one latest version and no crashes when changing audio outputs

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Just recently installed Nuendo 12 newest version, has constant crashes and Audio glitch’s using windows 10. I never had a single problem with Nuendo 10 before this horrible upgrade. I have been unable to solve anything trying everything so know you are not alone.

Download 12.0.50 instead of .51. Apparently 51 is broken for a lot of people and extremely unstable.

Thank you for the idea it was crashing in the previous 12 version as well

This has happened to me as well.
I found out that it is not a good idea to change the ASIO driver and then immediately configure the outputs/inputs. After you reset the driver, you should restart Nuendo. Of course this is annoying, but maybe this tip will work for you.

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