Nuendo / Cubase / Edit in Wavelab feature not working

On my Windows 10 machine with both Nuendo 10 (10.0.20) / Cubase 10.5 (10.5.12) / Wavelab 10 (10.0.30) installed.

Using Nuendo, when I select an audio part and then select ‘Edit in Wavelab’ the audio file correctly opens in Wavelab, After editing the audio file when I select ‘Trigger Cubase/Nuendo update’ in Wavelab to update the audio part in Nuendo, It doesn’t work because Wavelab opens Cubase instead of updating Nuendo?

If I uninstall Cubase it works fine, or If I just temporarily rename the Cubase launch file to something other than Cubase it works fine.

Is this supposed to happen?