Nuendo doesn't record automation (controlled by OSC)

I’m trying to record automation of my ambisonic plugin NoiseMakers AmbiHead HD (Yaw, Pitch, Roll).
I control the parameters directly in OSC by an internal UDP port that communicate with an Head-Tracker + OSC Bridge software.
The problem is that Nuendo does not seem to want to record my automations although the parameters are moving well on the plugin interface !
The automation mode works well however when I use it with the mouse to change my values ​​of yaw pitch roll…
I manage to do this without problem in Protools…So rare!

do you have an idea ?

Thank you,

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Did you set it up in the midi devices of nuendo? I’m not in front of the studio computer right now but I do know you have to make a routing map type thing inside Nuendo. I use TouchOSC all the time for automation.

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Thanks for your message,
I don’t know how to set it up in the midi device because my OSC Bridge Software interface communicate directly with the port 4040 of the AmbiHeadHD Plugin…

That’s a bit beyond what I have worked with. maybe support can help.