Nuendo drops recording for a moment after a few seconds

I built a new primary DAW machines - AMD 3960x, 128GB, all NVME m.2 storage and thunderbolt to UAD devices, Apollo 8.

I’m loading up a new project, adding a NI Noire track (Kontakt 6.2.2), holding the sustain pedal down and recording a few seconds, the audio drops out and comes back and continues to go on.

I can play the piano for an hour with no issues, as soon as the recording starts, it stutters. Reaper and ProTools record the track without issue. CPU is %1. Project, Samples and instruments are all on different M.2 drives. C States are disabled in BIOS, Power Settings set to Steinberg recommended.

I’ve played with the buffer settings from 64 to 1024, ASIO guard on and off, I’m sort of at a loss.

Any ideas?

Side note, same thing happens under Cubase 10.5

That’s very odd.

It’s a fairly new CPU so what I’d do is go on Gearslutz and search the threads on AMD CPUs as well as the “today we build a pc” or whateveritscalled thread and search for “Threadripper”. See if anyone has the same CPU or the 3970/3990x and see what their experience is. Don’t forget to give more detailed info on motherboard and memory etc (i.e. make/model/bios etc).

Does the MIDI fail to record during those seconds?

If so, do you have Wifi enabled on your system?

If not, but you are on a network, do you have a Sharp or Samsung TV…or any device that allows a computer to send a remote “ON/OFF” command to it?

Based on MattiasNYC’s recommendation, I posted on Gearslutz. The threads over there are amazing, thank you Mattias!

@Jonsolo -Midi records, audio cuts out. It’s about 10 seconds, consistently. No Wifi - Ethernet only (1gb to the net and 10gb to the NAS). No television, a 4k Philips PC monitor.

Protools was able to do the same task without issue as well (tested tonight).

I may install Studio One tomorrow, however, I suspect that will be fine as well. Side note, all drivers are current (including BIOS).

As if I am suffering from insanity, I keep testing the same few notes when I boot up the PC, as if I am expecting a different result.

Try running LatencyMon (you don’t need to install, just run it) and see what is interfering with your audio.
Also try boosting Audio Priority in settings.