Nuendo Edit in Wagelab still missing

Okay, I’ve got to admit that I’m puzzled about this.
Users who have a copy of Nuendo 7 and WL Pro 9 still cannot use the new feature to “Edit in Wavelab” after yesterday’s update to Nuendo 7.0.40.
Does Steinberg really want Nuendo users to wait until the next paid version update (which will not be this year as we have heard on the forum)?

I personally think it’s a highly ridiculous marketing move.

From where do you have it that you will have to wait until the next paid update?


It’s a question…

I’d love to know as well.

We are currently working on the integration for Nuendo 7.0.x which means this feature will
be available before Nuendo 7.5 in a cost-free update.



Hi Timo,

Is there any rough idea in terms of when this update might be released?
I’d love to use this feature but I’m holding off on demoing Wavelab due to the 30 day trial.