Nuendo export longer than realtime!

I went to export my project and it needs about 1.5-2h for 60min drama…
I am not using any fancy plugins, mainly compression, eq, clip based effects, a bit of reverb, very few midi notes from Kontakt…
Is this normal?

It’s really hard to say as it depends on what plug-ins you are using, the complexity of your session, the speed of your harddrive(s) and cpu, as well as your audio interface (if it uses DSP, like UAD).
Though often offline bouncing can be faster, there are certain plug-ins that increase their resolution/oversampling on mixdown; this can cause the offline bounce to take longer.

Try using a higher latency on your soundcard.


Tried that, makes no difference.

i noticed that this really boost the export quite a lot … can someone explain why?


Just an uneducated guess…takes off some CPU load by using less delay compensation processing ??

CPU likes to process data in larger chunks.

Can someone explain this to me: 5 minute song wih 3 tracks takes 10 sec. to export.
If I add 3 UAD plugins it takes almost 5 minutes. Buffer is at 512.

I also noticed that waveforms are slower to redraw after zooming than before, with almost 1 sec of latency (on Mac OS).

Well, UAD plugins run on their proprietary hardware which has its own DSPs. I’m guessing that there’s simply no headroom left for running the plugins faster than realtime. I mean, if the plugins aren’t oversampling and the card isn’t nearly full, then it’ll seem intuitive that it should run faster in faster-than-realtime exports. However, we don’t know if UA has allowed the card to do that.

I know that one setting you can try to play around with is the one that determines if you “lock” resources or let them “float”. If you run for example a channel strip and want that to be able to run any individual section - guaranteed - then the UA software will reserve DSP/memory resources for that process. If you don’t care about that, say if you want to run the Neve 88RS channel strips but only use the EQs, then you can change the setting and you can use more instances instead. The risk then is if you try to turn on your compressor it might not allow it because you ran out of DSP, even though the plugin is already instantiated.

So you could try toggling that setting, whatever it’s called…

This sounds as a resonable explanation to me.
The card is only using 5% of DSP and has plenty of FW bandwith (UAD2 Quad).

I did some more testing. I created a new 4:30 min. long project with 3 stereo tracks. It took the same 3 minutes with a single UAD plugin or with 10 UAD plugins.

The same 10 plugs project took 2:30 to render on Pro Tools 12.5, which is not a big difference. Nuendo only took 1:50 on windows. With any 10 other CPU plugs, including Steinberg, it took about 20 sec. With no plugs Nuendo exported in 10 sec and Pro Tools only in 3 sec.

Previously I had 3 UAD1 cards on windows and it was very fast.

I believe very few plugins on UA’s version 1 card were as complicated and oversampling as on UAD 2, if any, so a difference is probably reasonable.