Nuendo Feature Requests -Part 1, Direct offline processing

I am a long-time user of Nuendo (since V2), and during that time I have mostly worked with sound for feature films, mainly focusing on dialogue edit and re-recording mixing. Through the years, I have noted some feature requests that would help immensely with everyday sound work. I have highlighted the requests that I believe are the most needed improvements.

  1. Auditioning events in DOP should be with the same clip volume as in the sequencer.
    -If you have an event with -20dB in the sequencer, it still auditions in DOP as if it was set to 0 dB. The volume could be extremely high in comparison to its playback volume in the sequencer.
    This can be extremely dangerous when mixing on a dubbing stage. Sometimes my ears bleed because of this, and I find myself constantly having to adjust the volume slider in the DOP window. Most of the time, I just want to hear the sound at the same volume as I am working with in the project.

One possible solution to this issue could be that the volume slider in DOP follows the event volume.

I can not stress the importance of this feature request enough.

  1. Autoplay option in DOP, or the possibility to Audition with a key command.
    -I use DOP at least a thousand times every day. I always want to listen to the clip I am processing anyway. Having this option would save a lot of time!

  2. It would be great to have the possibility to pin the DOP window to the lower zone in the sequencer. It is very frustrating to constantly have to move the window around or open/close it.

  3. DOP auditioning post track inserts.
    -I would love to have an option to listen to the event I am processing in DOP through the inserts chain on the track it is placed on. Maybe you could add a toggle button for that.

  4. Routing of the DOP signal.
    -When working with theatrical surround mixes, I need to know how the processed clip will sound in the speaker where it is supposed to be played back. When adjusting an EQ on a dialogue clip, it sounds different when it is auditioned in L/R speakers instead of the center.

Which feature would you like to see the most?

Please run a discussion!

  • Audition of clips at the same level in DOP as in the sequencer
  • Autoplay option in DOP,
  • Pin the DOP window to the lower zone
  • DOP auditioning post track inserts
  • Free routing of the DOP signal

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agree with clip gain audition. this is probably the main reason why it is “not convenient” to do any serious dialogue editing in nuendo, and why my editors use the “other” daw.
and if i may add, creating reverb tails in DOP is a disaster (bounce that audio, open empty DOP window with no selected event, enter tail value, close DOP window, select desired event, open DOP window, apply reverb and pray to god that you entered the right tail value, or else do that whole proces again…)

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Yeah, I totally understand why they would use the “other” software for that reason. The predictable DOP volume request is more than simply a feature request. The inconsistent volume is a health issue, which could provoke tinnitus and nervous breakdown.

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Yes YES. The countless times my ears have been murdered after auditioning a clip-gained clip in DOP. I agree with all of these, but especially number 4 and 1. I can not understand why this is something you still have to be careful of when working with DOP.

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It seems like many of you agree with request number one.
I wonder what the Steinberg team thinks? I really hope that this can be implemented sooner than later! Our poor ears will definitely thank you in the long run!

Yeah, its another issue here. Steinberg people are rarely here. Not a good comunication going here between us and developers/people in charge of feature decisions.
I mean nuendo is a beast of a product, pt is years behind. We just need some basic post stuff sorted out (aaf, mxf metadata, dop).
Please steinberg, communicate with us here.

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They are probably experiencing a ton of requests all the time. However, it would be nice to have some sort of dialogue on this forum.

I voted for option one, but ”audition through mixer channel/the rest of the signal path” would be such an improvement.

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and also make DOP window with "toggle switches"of something so we can enable or desable these “features”.
because sometimes we actualy need to preveiew raw recording

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i know they are, but a simple POOL with implementing some stuff in new release would be a start.

When processing multple clips at the same time, would it be possible to speed things up with spreading out processes to multiple cores?

De-noising a library can take hours. If there is a 50-75% potential save there somewhere, that would be great.

Best regards,

So Nuendo is quite powerful and you can actually assign a generic controller to a knob on a lot of outboard gear. So I have made a separate knob for the listener. I think the idea of maybe linking the listener and control room volume knob could be a good idea to work around this separate volume issue. Keep in mind that it is also reliant on the source material being fed through it. Is it Nuendo’s fault if I have to turn the listener up 18db because the audio was recorded super low to hear the processing i’m doing and then get murdered by a mastered SFX file. ?

Maybe option to route it through the mixer channel settings is an interesting idea that I like, so in essence you are hearing your source processing and how it sounds through the chain at the same time, but this needs to be an option only, because there will be times that we need to hear what its doing to the source only, it is a clip even processor not an INSERT>.
There is also separate fader for media bay to keep that volume softer if needed also.

And you can toggle your PLAY BAR between DOP and Timeline play, which is like a keycommand already

That a good idea! However, I think in 99.9% of cases you would like to listen to the clips in DOP at the same level as in the sequencer. If not, we all have a volume knob at our hands.

I think the best way is to link the clip volume with the volume slider directly in DOP. If it is linked with control room, there will be a myriad of other problems later on.

I dont get your question btw. I mean, if you are going to listen to a super low recording, you would still like to hear it at the same volum in DOP as in the sequencer, am I not right? And yeah, going from super low recording to a mastered SFX file has nearly killed my ears plenty of times. I have spent the last week mixing a film at the dubbing stage, and it has happened at least 20 times in one week. My ears are so tired right now. Steinberg, please do something about this soon!

And, yes, the listen trough inserts needs to be an option only!