Nuendo for film post: Any mentors here?

I am completely new here. So please forgive me if any of this is breaking rules or in bad taste.

I’m very earnest in my motives. I’ve been using Cakewalk / Sonar for 20 years, including for doing indie film post sound. It’s become blaringly clear that I need to switch DAW for film post. I just got a project in AAF and cakewalk only supports OMF, is one simple example. Another being the field recorder work flow. I need to quickly swap out sync’d files.

So I’ve been going back and forth between pro tools and Nuendo. Frankly, I hate pro tools, but it is the defacto standard for film post. Last week, I got the Nuendo 11 trial started and the workflows are VERY foreign to me. I’m trying to keep an open mind that I’ve been conditioned over the last 20 years to work in a very specific way. But it’s still painfully slow and awkward.

I’m wondering if there is anyone here that does film post sound (sound / dialogue editing) that would be willing to do a zoom meeting and just help me get acclimated to Nuendo. It seems that Nuendo is highly configurable. I am going to jump into the manual, but I feel a personal mentor for a session would help clarify so much right away. I’m willing to pay someone for an hour or 2 of there time. I’m trying to really figure out if Nuendo is going to become my new go-to for this type of work or if I should just get pro tools. Videos on youtube are hit or miss, but they are helping as well.

If anyone has recommended tutorials, I’d be happy to go over those. I’ve been doing sound (mostly music production) for a long time, so I’m pretty well versed on signal routing the likes.

Cheers and thanks!

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