Nuendo for live mixing?

Hey there,

I would like to try to use Nuendo as a live mixing console.
I have an upcoming musical production with about 32 channels inputs.
Would my MacBook Pro from 2012 be able to handle this with 64 samples?
I am using my RME HDSPe MADI in the Sonnet Echo Express SE I.
What would I need to do to optimize my MacBook to use in live conditions?
Has anybody tried something like that? How are your experiences?

I could probably use my Yamaha 01V96 as a controller for the live situation, right?
I have used it to mix in post. So, this shouldn’t be a problem - right?

Thank you very much for your answers!

Kind regards

I know people doing it but you have to keep in mind that you’re gonna have delays due your plugins, so watch your effets, try to use zero latency alternatives and keep it simple.

About your MacBook Pro, disable EVERYTHING not necessary: TimeMachine, Spotlight, etc, even Networking.

I hope this helps.

I’ve done a few unproblematic Live Works with Nuendo with great results.
Still, maybe you want to have a look at this, as well:

Made for Live Recordings. But not in anyway near the full Nuendo Version, though.

Cheers, Big K

Thank you for your suggestions.
Nuendo Live is not really an alternative for me, since I want to record and mix (live) with Nuendo.
If you have any experience with that, please let me know. I will test it thorougly before the production. :slight_smile: