Nuendo freezes but doesn't crash

I have been having a problem in nuendo 5, 32 bits, with the program freezing. It will last for about 20 seconds and then everything works normally. I don’t crash when this happens.

It will happen even with very few plugins activated and without a lot of tracks.

Also, from time to time, audio tracks will just drop out.

Any ideas how to combat this?

turn off AHCI

Where do I find “AHCI”?

It´s in the PC BIOS.
Change your settings from AHCI to IDE.

I checked and i was already set on IDE.

If I’m the only one having this problem it must be something in my setup. I’m hoping that someone else on this forum has experienced this and found a fix.

Again, to be more exact, the audio just quits for a while, sometimes freezing and sometimes not. The virtual instruments will continue to work.

The sound Icomes back after about 30 seconds to a minute with no crash involved.