Nuendo freezes when opening the video window for the first time

When opening the video window for the first time, Nuendo 12 freezes for about one minute. During this time, the program does not respond to any input and the video player shows a white screen. Eventually, the regular video appears and Nuendo can be operated again. This always happens, but really only the first time the video window is opened. After that, everything works as it should.

Does anyone have similar problems and know what it could be? The problem occurs on different computers with different graphics cards (including NVIDIA Quadro). With other programs (e.g. Sequoia) we do not have this problem.

I had some video problems and disabling Nahimic Services helped me.

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Thank you very much. I had seen the post but thought it was not about the same problem. But now I read:

Nahimic comes with ASUS and MSI motherboards and gets installed automatically.

One of the affected devices is an Asus laptop. So that might fit. Will have to check it out right away tomorrow. Thanks a lot for this tip.

I have checked all our computers and there is no “NahimicService.exe” running on any of them. Unfortunately, this means that our problem must have another cause. If anyone has any other ideas, please let me know. :slightly_smiling_face:

By the way: The problem only affects videos with h264 as codec. With ProRes the problem is not present: The video window opens immediately and Nuendo does not freeze.