Nuendo Freezes

Nuendo is freezing during playback. This is a recent occurence. Will playback for various lengths of time, then just freeze for about 5 to 10 seconds then resume. No spikes in the VST Performance window. During freeze mouse is barely responsive.
Particulars: Had a short power outage in the studio- the DAW was on- no apps running. Created a test project consisting of 14 imported CD tracks. Ran this- project froze. Happen to have Cubase 7.5 trial loaded, with trial license on a different eLicenser. Ran the CD test in Cubase- same result. Created the same CD project in Pro Tools 11- ran fine.
Thought maybe Nuendo was accessing the eLicenser during playback. Ran malwarebytes, put Norton 360 in silent mode, nothing has worked. Power outage screwed up eLicensers buy not iLoks?
If someone could help me with this, I’d really appreciate it. I bought PT so I didn’t have lie when potential clients asked if I had Pro Tools- I’d sure hate to have to learn it! :smiley:


This is happening to us too and a clean install Nuendo 6.5 System locks up for no reason. No Error messages. Or while loading an instrument system goes slow mo.