Nuendo Freezing

Hello, I use Nuendo since version 4, so I would call me an experienced user. On top I tried a lot of ways written on the forums of Steinberg, Native Instruments, UAD and RME Audio to stop this issue. Also I changed all harddrives and of course use the latest drivers + firmwares. Deinstalled all 32 Bit plugins and have almost no background software running.
I can work on my computer for several days without problem but when I record or Render in Place there seems to be a higher risk of crashes. I noticed that Nuendo writes small extra soundfiles in the AUDIO folder. Mainly they seem to be Duplicates or additional takes but they have 0 kb and I have the feeling they cause the weird crash behaviour. How can I stop Nuendo of writing these 0kb files? I don’ t see why it is doing that and it took me quite long to find out that this could be the issue. I have this problem since Nuendo Version 7 and if I can not fix it soon, I might have to change to another DAW. It’ s far too time consuming to keep repairing and fixing projects I started. Thank you for having a look into this. I can send you the weird 0kb files to have them checked. Best regards,TTT