Nuendo from pc to mac don't start!

This is not the first time it happens, but, i use pc on my studio, but when i need to record out on madi, i use my mac book pro. The problem is that i have a project that i need to record in a couple of hours and NUENDO DONT START!!!
It is a very expensive and responsible project that involves alot of money and i need this working, NOW!!!
I have a mac book pro, nuendo 5.5, and the latest version of ilecencer…
I’ve try to make a maintenance to elicencer, but it said that cannot make because of some bullshit!! The problem is the elicencer! On pc it starts, on my my now doesn’t… It happened the other way around. It works on my, and on PC doesn’t… I’m tired of this bulshit elicencer!

Check the date & time on the affected machine is correct.

Here, the eLicenser, holding a bag full of licenses, is not causing any problems and most reliable…
It is rather your gear or config …

It’s strange…i need to try alot of times, until it starts!! Sometimes starts, sometimes doesn’t!