Nuendo Goes To Background

I’m always having trouble with N13 being hidden by other things I have open like Windows Explorer, Izoptope RX or Soundminer. They keep hiding my plugins, DOP panel, automation panel etc and when i click on N13 it still sits in the background. It’s like some sort of app focus issue. Normally iI need to click on an empty part of the desktop then N13to put N13 back on top but that doesn’t always work.

Does anyone else have this problem?

I have that problem as well on Win 11. Just use Alt Tab instead to put Nuendo on top again.

I have same problem, but Alt-Tab does not help, arrange window stays in the background.

Yes - we usually have an Excel table open and a to-do list. But these often remain at the front, so that you can no longer access the tracks or other things. The behavior seems very random to me.

Alt tab does not always help in this situation for me.

I wonder if this issue is somehow related to the problem below (if it is actually a problem and not just a gremlin in my system…)

I am having a big problem with rx11 in n13. If I use any RX11 plugin on a clip then I cannot use ANY keyboard functions while that clip is active and the DOP panel is open. It’s like RX11 is hogging the app focus or something?

If assign another plugin via the DOP panel so an RX11 app is not the last used or close the DOP panel I can then use my keyboard.

Currently RX11 is unusable in Nuendo 13 for me.

I do not have this problem with rx10 advanced plugins.

Anyone else experiencing similar?

I’ve just started a new thread about this specific problem here RX11 Advanced Problem - Incompatible with N13 for me