Nuendo group CHILD as input

Hello all!

Is it possible to route an group (mono) child to an input?
And if not, is there any other way to route the different channels to SEPERATE outputs, in order to apply processing to them before feeding another system or get recorded?

It’s needed for a big installation where parts of the system tuning elements are being done in ‘the mixer’.


I believe yes to both.
However, to route a channel to separate outputs you must enable “Direct Summing” (not too sure if the name is exact because I am not by my computer now)

Hello JDSStudios,

Thanks for your reply.
I think I need to rephrase my question: I’d like to record/process all different channels within a multi-channel group. So for example: send the mono-children of a 5.1 group to 6 different outputs that all have a seperate EQ and/or delay. These outputs I’d want to record back into a wav-file in order to be played back on a different system.

Yes Dennis, I’m sorry but it is not clear, because when you say “These outputs I’d want to record back into a wav-file”, you are describing rendering in place, or simply exporting (even if you need it in real time). However, there are more questions than answers: is the new system also 5.1 or simply stereo? If all you need is playing back in a different system, what is stopping you from using the outputs out to that system? When you say system, if that means a mixer, than you need to connect your outs of your sound interface to the ins of the mixer.

I don’t think you can get a proper answer with an incomplete question.

In the rare occasions where I need different processing on the channels of an (e.g.) 5.1 Group (or Output), I use mono or stereo inserts in the Groups’ (or Outputs’) Plugin Slots and route them accordingly with the “Insert Routing”-options in the Channel Settings Window (the “e”-window).

You can capture the audio of this processed 5.1 group (or output) by routing this group (or output) as the input of an 5.1 (?) track and print it in real time.
If you need the channels separated (=split) , I’d say you select your events and then use AUDIO/ SPLIT CHANNELS / EXTRACT ALL CHANNELS/ ADD SPLIT FILES TO POOL ONLY.
You’ll find your 6 5.1-files in the Pool…

Hope this helps?
Niek/ Amsterdam.