Nuendo guide and courses

Is there in Steinberg’s future plans an idea to create official searchable video guide and courses for Nuendo?

I am aware of the Nuendo and Cubase YT channels, also Club Cubase streams on YT and various other videos with bits and pieces of different subjects, quite often many mixed in one video.
I must say it is not too easy for me to spot info about specific task or technique I need help with, in those.

I know about Steinberg recommended courses from third parties. It is hard to determine which has best teacher and real production examples in it. As they are all not free, I guess most people do not gamble and rather learn from other sources.

I see Da Vinci announced free online beginners guide course recently. It seems as a great educational move, while spreading their product as well.

Perhaps it would be perfect if Nuendo manual had links to video examples in it?

I do can imagine the work load in accomplishing this.
Would the gain of huge knowledge spread make it worth?