Nuendo hangs with Lexicon LXP Plugins and DrMS

I recently installed the trial versions of the new Lexicon LXP plugins as well as the DrMS plugin, they work flawless in PT9 on the same machine but in Nuendo the second I hot save the hourglass comes up and won’t go away…it never comes out of save mode. I have to end task N5 and after restarting the project states it is corrupt when I try to reload it. All other plugins work fine. I was going to buy these because they sound fantastic but if I can’t save the project it’s useless.

Anyone experience something like it and found a fix?


On Mac, the Lexicon PCM Natives are working flawlessly for me.That’s the only data point I have for you.


I have the Lexicon LXP bundle on my W7 64 bit computer and use it daily without a problem.

I have the DrMS plugin… gives plenty of problems :frowning: especially when loading a project containing the plugin it will no play any sounds at all… I have to bypass it - save and reload then when I activate it again after the project is loaded it will work most the time… I contacted the developer who didn’t seem to care to much, so I just stopped using it… a shame really because I really like the plugin

thanks for the feedback…yep Dr MS is pretty amazing too bad.
I am still at awe as to why this is happening to me