Nuendo + icon Platform, X-touch or Fader port ?


I struggle to know what motorized faders to buy.
Platform M+, x_touch or faderport with nuendo 10.

I want it for one and one only function :
Record volume automations on different tracks at once.
I don’t care about managing eq, plugins, i don’t care about transport functions.

My only concern is : is it possible to display on those platforms specific tracks you have selected in nuendo ? I never want to automate track 1 with track 2 but more #1 with #48.

No infos in manual, no infos on forum… Hard to know.
Finally a serious platform user on YouTube (LetiMix) said that icon Platform M+ will display whatever is in the mixconsole (F3)
Other youtube user says faderport will not display what you select (but he’s using Live)

Your experience about tis specific point with any of those controllers ?


The Icon, X-Touch and Faderport all work with Nuendo via the Mackie protocol.

Unlike the Eucon based stuff (unless it’s changed recently) all three will follow the visibility selection for Mixer 1. Thus, yes, you could adjust fader 1 and 48 at the same time as long as they are separated (visibility wise) by less than the number of faders you have (the channels are displayed in the same order as the Mixer).

I have 24 Channels of MCU. Love everything about the units except the displays - which I think suck. I believe the Icon has the same displays.
I also have an X-Touch. It’s an excellent unit for the money and the displays are much better.

Since you indicate you’re only interested in automating levels (%90 of what I do, also), the displays are inportant to quickly see what channel is landing where.


Thx !
Wonderful infos you give me here.
I’ll try an x touch then ! Although looks a bit bulky and those buttons on the right are wasting so much space on my crowded desk :cold_sweat:

I run a both a single fader Classic Faderport and an Artist Mix. Totally compatible and happy together on my system.

Faderport sits just right of my QWERTY and gives me a moving fader (better/quicker than the Artist Mix faders), transport controls and other tactile buttons I like while being compact and close by. Artist Mix sits farther to the right for addressing multiple faders at once. I only use them for automating fader levels 95% of the time.

This combo works well for me and you can get the Classic Faderport new for $79 US from Guitar Center. Faderport has native support in Cubendo and is very handy, especially for that money.

m thx for your answer.
I really plan to use the surface only for multiple faders.
Ideally 4… 6 but the smallest i find is 8.

m thx for your answer.
I really plan to use the surface only for multiple faders.
Ideally 4… 6 but the smallest i find is 8.