Nuendo in the business world


I used pro 24 on atari then , cubase 2.0 then protools LE on digi001 and finally went back to cubase because I was missing so much MIDI features on protools… and then nuendo.
Each time I open protools for transfer, compatibility, import session with other engineers I realise how “empty” protools is. Wich might be good really … simple environment, efficient, not changing much for years so everybody stays up to date I guess.
But it’s crazy how Nuendo and steinberg is not known in the pro world. So many established studio don’t even know what is nuendo really.
I was asking an ADR studio about how they display speak on screens… just like what I see in nuendo really, precount bars on screen…rehearse pass etc…
The guy said. we have tablets and we print on paper and asked “what is nuendo”… “can you open AAF” ?
This is in France mainly maybe. I have the feeling saying I use Nuendo that I have to justify myself. I sounds like I say “I use garage band”… (well at least they would know what garage band is) I had a studio in London using nuendo… chatting on the phone the ceo there was happy to hear about a freelance using nuendo… like being part of a small club.
Downside is most studio using protools are really not helpfull with transfering files. They send you there protools sessing and you deal with it.
How is your realation with other studios. Is steinberg used mostly in other parts of the world ? is is PT just everywhere ?
Oh funny anecdote. I did sound engineering school when I was 20 on protools (that’s why I bought my PT license after) and 10y later I hear editing sound in my neighboor flat… I go knock, my teacher was there ! He was with a student working on a side project on… nuendo and told me the school had switch to nuendo.
so I guess there’s hope ?

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