Nuendo integration with Nokia OZO at AES convention

I am interested about this topic, does anybody from Forum members been there? Timo, please it is possible to show/tell us something?

I am really curious what DAW are able to provide to this new kind of trends. I am unable to find more than announcement.


That is a very interesting development. Nokia OZO is considered the de rigeur of 360 degree VR cameras. The price bracket and sophistication of the Nokia camera places it in the upper end of cinematic production work.

I doubt we are going to privy to much information other than explaining the partnership. There is a gold rush mentality right now with 360 video (and the accompanying audio) right now. Tons of venture capital being thrown at it and each player will want to protect their own intellectual property on it.

What we want to ensure is that non-competing standards will be created for 360 VR audio.

The big reveal on 360 VR video and hopefully audio will be revealed at NAB in April 2017. This would be the natural place to announce the details and major partnerships.

Steinberg has a major opportunity here. I hope they bag it.