Nuendo is lagging

Nuendo has started lagging about a half second from when my transport controls are engaged. I hit start. It takes a beat. Then it starts. Same for stop. Markers are instant as are any other controls. But playing has developed this annoying lag. :anguished:

Has anyone else had this happen? How do you get INSTANT synch back?

I’ve tried restarting Nuendo & restarting the PC. No change. I can’t find anything off in preferences or the project synch and or setup window. Anybody got any ideas on how to fix this? :thinking:


Wrong ASIO driver?
Plugin with a tremendous amount of latency?
Not enough coffee?



Could be. It’s the 1st time I’ve ever used that Raum Reverb plugin. THAT PLUG IS FANTASTIC!! And now that I have determined that the lag appears to be “project specific,” it seems the likely culprit. However, just turning it off didn’t stop the lag issue. I’ll check the buffer when I get back to the studio.

If it turns out to be the plugin, I’m guessing the remedy is to print it then remove it from the session?

No luck. :confounded:

I increased the buffer size to 1024. Still got the lag. Removed the Raum plugin. Still got the lag. Whatever it is, it’s only happening on this project and it only started during the second half of yesterday’s session. I cannot figure out what I did that caused it! :confused:

Have you tried constrain delay compensation? Sometimes delays build up as you add effects. Depends what you are doing I suppose.

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Why would that effect TRANSPORT controls? :confused: