Nuendo is not recording all the tracks.

For some reason, Nuendo Live is not recording all the tracks. The wireless hand helds record along with the stereo tracks we have for piano. Every once in while we might see something from the overhead l mic on the drums. So out of 4 tracks out of 20 some odd tracks are actual recorded. We have a CL5 with a Rios 1608D, rio 3224D going into a iMac and of course all through the Audante networking. Can some one help me out why the other tracks will not record? We see single coming through the board and out through the mains but nothing with Nuendo Live from the board or the mac. Any help will be much appreciated as I have not used this program yet. Thank you.


did check for the latest Audinate driver? We haven’t heard of such problem before so I would recommend
to check the drivers first.