Nuendo is slow, stuck, crashs - Please help

Hey…I working on a short animation project.

Something is really wrong with the Nuendo. When starting the program the loading get stuck on “content” for a long time.
When trying to exit the daw, sometimes it just get stuck and i need to reboot.

Update to the last 7.1.35 doesn’t help.

What can be wrong? Nuendo use to b so stable for me.


The Nuendo is not saving. not a regular saving nor Bak files.
This is terrible. I lost tons.

Sounds like a drive issue to me, or maybe disk permissions etc.

I’d probably back up everything immediately and then start testing using other drives.

thank you Mattias.
Actullay the whole system preformance became very weak in the last few weeks. Also PT is acting strange.

Yeah, I’d look at something outside of Nuendo for sure then.

Another thing to look at is if there are some background processes interfering. I’m on an older Win 7 machine and I know that just taking some time every now and then to make sure new processes haven’t begun starting up on machine-boot can make the system run better. Also keeping an eye on caching done by apps etc…

Anyway, keep us posted on progress…