Nuendo license + export problem


Just purchased another copy of Nuendo 5. I registered the product, authorized the license key, updated the license database, updated the license to v5.5, and ran the “maintenance” tasks in the eLicenser. Now plugging the new license key into a previously installed Nuendo machine running v5.5 I have two problems I can’t figure out -

1 - The export options (AAF, OMF, AES31, etc) are greyed out. Opening the elicenser program then closing it, with Nuendo open, results in the ability to export. Closing Nuendo then reopening results in the same problem. This happens now with the new license keys and with the old license keys, completely repeatable. This did not used to happen, the export options were always available.

2 - The new license key does not have the OMF, OpenTL, and AES-31 licenses on it that the three old license keys have. This may or may not be affecting problem 1, but it’s probably not correct. And as mentioned problem 1 now occurs with old license keys as well.

Anyone help? Stuck with a semi-functional key here.

I think you better contact support for that.
The OMF, Open TL and AES-31 licenses should -by default- be present in the eLicenser.


On one machine I had this, too.
No OMF, Open TL and AES-31 licenses after a fresh install of N5.
But it was actually cured right away by using the eL CC’s repair function.
It never occured again.

Big K


When we updated everything to v5.5 not long ago we updated the eLicenser database on all our installations and when I had issues with the new license I updated again, but that did not help. Uninstalling eLicenser and downloading and installing the latest version fixed the issue.

Steinberg support responded helpfully; apparently the new licenses contain the export licenses - they are no longer listed as separate items. Unfortunately eLicenser does not recognize this situation with a license database update - it requires a newer version installed even though the previous version was good with v5.5 of Nuendo. I suspect that we will have to reinstall eLicenser, not just update the database, on all our machines because this new license may be used on them. FYI.


That’s very well caught, Hugh.
I’m running eLicenser version, and the AES31, OpenTL and OMF licenses are still separate items here.
There is a discrepancy though.
I have 2 keys attached.
One has N5.5 license (and everything else) and this one definitely has the AES31/OpenTL & OMF licenses.
The other has N4 and this one does not have the aES31/OpenTL and OMF licenses.
Does this mean I need to move these 3 to the second key for it all to work in N4?