NUENDO LIVE 3 - now available!

Dear all,
It’s a great pleasure to announce the availability of Nuendo Live 3, our latest edition of the rock-solid live-recording and rehearsal software.

The main focus of this update is easy project preparation, increased performance & stability (Apple Silicon, Windows ARM) as well as removing the necessity for a physical dongle that can be lost or broken.

Have a look here for additional info on the new features:

Nuendo Live 3 is available as a download from the Steinberg shop and also comes integrated with many Yamaha top-range live-production consoles.


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Hmm, upgraded from live to live2 nov/dec 22
And now the same upgrade price from live and live2 towards 3. :thinking:
The build of nuendo live3 is dec22….
I know, i’m grumpy :sunglasses:

I’m not trying to be facetious as I am totally ignorant to the use case, but how relevant is Nuendo Live? I’m just curious because it seems that most folks that I talk to (including myself) that do production recordings are using hardware solutions (Joeco, Cymatic Audio (now defunct), Sound Devices, Zoom, etc.). I personally use Sound Devices products for production recordings because I just don’t trust software for live performances. Now, I’m not recording live bands; I’m recording production audio via booms and lavs for film, but how “rock solid” is Nuendo Live with a laptop? Again, just curious. Maybe I should be looking at this with a laptop instead of using a traditional recorder on my cart.

I think where you’d see it is if you are recording a lot of channels at once. I haven’t looked at solutions these days for that, but one of the popular ones I remember back in the day WAS a computer running BeOS and special software. A reliable computer running a reliable program is going to be just as stable as anything else. Perhaps even more so if you get one that has redundant server-class hardware.

Really your computer should crash pretty much all of never these days (we have Hyper-V servers that have been going to over 5 years, no crashes) and generally DAW crashes are because of plugins and such. So if you load something that is just a recording program like Nuendo Live, and have it on a stable computer, I don’t imagine it’d be a problem.

Now obviously if you are recording something small, something like a Zoom recorder is probably easier just because it is physically smaller.

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The majority of live concerts is recorded into DAWs these days. Nuendo Live was designed around the No1 requirement “stability”. Therefore it doesn’t support plug-ins and renounces any kind of feature that is not necessary for live recording.
In larger live-recording setups, engineers often run two totally independent and different recording systems side-by-side (different DAWs, different hardware). This ensures maximum failure safety.


Ok, I see the delineation now. The use cases are totally different. Makes perfect sense. Thanks @Sycraft-w and @TimoWildenhain for explaining that to me!

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My question was serious.:thinking:
Why is the upgrade from live2 the same as from live?

Is it possible to record tracks while playing back tracks that have been recorded earlier? In other words: Is it possible to use Nuendo Live as a multitrack recorder for dubbing? I already have Nuendo but I am looking for a simple recording system that resembles the workflow of multitrack (tape) recorders.

Hi bigcat. I’m using NL 2 - now NL 3 every week to record the band performed live concert. It is realy easy to set up (no Yamaha console) and further production by Cubase is compatible. Very higly recommended. Verdi.

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When can we expect Nuendo Live 3 to support the Yamaha Console Extension?

We upgraded to Nuendo Live 3 from Live 2, for native M2 support, but it does not synchronize with our CL5.