Nuendo Live Grace Period Update

Hello Steinberg. I just purchased a brand new, sealed and shrink-wrapped physical boxed copy of Nuendo Live 1 and upon opening the package, was greeted with a pre-activated eLicenser, rather than an authorization code. Today, I attempted to registered this brand new software product and it’s associated eLicenser into my MySteinberg account, however it marks the date of activation as 01/03/2012, rather than today’s date which is 17/02/2019. I am now unable to claim my Grace Period Update to Nuendo Live 2, even though this item was just purchased 10 days ago and was only opened for the first time today. Could you please assist me by providing me with my Grace Period update to Nuendo Live 2.

Please see eBay item number: 273674374060, which includes a photo of the unopened package, for my proof of purchase on Feb 6th, 2019.

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If you bought an already activated version, and that is not what was advertised, you ˋll have to contact the seller you bought from.

This is not Steinberg support, just the user to user forum, though there are many users who know many things…

If you bought this on ebay, there’s only one thing to do, get a refund for product not as described. They lied about what it is, so you don’t actually have a product that is eligible for a grace update.

Hello again and thank you both for responding to my query :slight_smile:

To avoid any misunderstanding, the item I purchased was both sealed in it’s original packaging and shrink-wrapped, so it is not a case of a fraudulent eBay seller. The seller sold exactly what was advertised and I received it exactly as described.

As regards support, my local distributor (Yamaha Music Australia) has no ability to alter the Steinberg eLicenser database (a fact I have dealt with in the past) so I contacted this forum web-site as this is exactly what I had to do the last time around (even after having contacted my local distributor).

The substantive issue/problem is that Steinberg sells boxed copies of ‘Nuendo Live’ shipped with a pre-authorized USB eLicenser and the package does not include an authorization code on a card. The problem is that in the case of pre-authorized USB eLicensers, the Steinberg eLicenser database does not (as one would assume/hope) register the date of the first registration to your MySteinberg Account as the actual date of registration and website authorization. It simply uses the date of USB pre-authorization (which I assume is the date that the license was deposited onto the USB prior to it being sealed into it’s packaging).

This leads to the problem that one can never get a Grace Period Update/upgrade on a boxed copy of Nuendo Live (despite the fact that this is stated as being possible on the Nuendo Live webpage). Had I purchased this item on the same day as an electronic download I would not have a problem, as the eLicenser database would register my date of authorization correctly.

Once again, if a Steinberg rep could please get in touch and help process my Grace Period Update for my legally purchased copy of Nuendo Live that would be greatly appreciated. I emailed Nuendo Support yesterday and have not heard back as yet (which is perfectly acceptable, as I would expect it takes a day or two to get back to me). For the sake of other users, I thought I would post my question to the forum in order to get some attention and also to clarify the problem of boxed copies with pre-authorized USB eLicensers.

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The pre activated versions usually come as freebies with CL- / QL consoles and are not regular sales versions. So similar to Cubase LE Versions, they do not qualify for grace period updates. That´s one of the versions you got obviously (You can easily find out by reading the “essential product license information” on the package inside). So again, if that´s not what was advertised, you should contact the seller.
Regularly sold versions are not pre-activated. So no, it is not that no one can ever get a grace period update.

Just a quick update to let you know that Steinberg support got back in touch with me and has provided me with a new authorization code allowing me to update from Nuendo Live 1 to Nuendo Live 2 as a Grace Period purchaser. Thank you to Panagiotis in at Steinberg support, who responded promptly and helped me out with my inquiry in a courteous and professional manner.

Also thanks to Steve and Svennilenni above for responding, despite the somewhat strange nature of your ‘assistance’ and your continued insistence that I have been consistently incorrect about everything I have stated. It does not help fellow users of Cubendo products for other forum participants to immediately jump down someone’s throat about every and any product query or request for information. I would have thought that this forum exists to create and help maintain a sense of community among fellow users of Steinberg software. Well, that’s the hope anyway…

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Sorry, this is the first I heard of this- a pre-authorized USB key. Glad you got it sorted.

Hi again Steve. Thanks for saying that; it’s appreciated. Sorry if I was a little annoyed myself in my last post, however it is really frustrating when every request for assistance or advice on user forums (across many different companies and product categories) is instantly met with negativity or belittling of the original poster. Every now and then it’s nice to receive some help without what feels like a now-normalized posture of aggression due to the nature of online communication. Cheers, George

So can you confirm for me, this ia such a license coming with a CL /QL desk (visible from the inner sleeve of the package)?
Thnak you

I’m in the same boat - bought a Nuendo Live 1 license only to find out AFTER opening it that it is a pre-registered bundle version.

The outside of the sleeve has absolutely NO information about being a bundle product with special lack of rights. So there does not seem to be a way to tell from the outside if you are getting a “retail” version or a “supposed to be in a bundle version”. That is problematic in EU regarding product labeling.

So if Steinberg wants to stay clear of “issues” - the box should be labeled Not For Resale - Bundle Version with no rights… (or something like it)

The inside of the sleeve actually says “Please register Nuendo Live. Once you have done so, you are entitled to many benefits such as full Steinberg support and products updates” (The sleeve does NOT say “Pre-registered product”)

That combined with the message on the Nuendo Live product description saying you get “grace update” - is a little bit of a “legal” bind.

I know it is up to Steinberg to handle and we live on their mercy - but legally in the EU there is very little wiggle-room.

But I’m not in it for a fight but hope Steinberg will be nice and throw a grace update my way as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

I could even live with Live 1 - if it would just install. But it wont even install on my Mac… :cry: