Nuendo Live Multitrack recording from Dante = random stuttering

I’m using Nuendo Live 2 for multitrack recording and playback.

Sometimes, when i listen to the playback, I get this metallic stuttering sound on all channels.

First time this happened it was 48 inputs, I’m running an i3 with 4GB RAM, so I thought oh well, not enough cpu-gas. I could pause the playback, wait a little while, resume and it was fine again until i started to stutter again.

The other day I did only 10 tracks, same thing. Most of the recording is fine, some parts are not. Since I can skip to another part of the recording which is fine, I guess it’s not in the playback, but the recording itself got skewed.

I believe I’ve maxed out all the settings in the ASIO, latency, buffer etc.

What gives? 10 channels? Using Dante Virtual Soundcard.

I’ve tried “another” software several times and had zero issues with that at 10 channels.