Nuendo Live2 wont record during playback.


I recently purchased a Yamaha TF1 which came with NuendoLive2. My issue is certain tracks will not record during playback. For example: I record a from input 4(keyboard) to track 4 on Nuendo. Then I select track 3 to record my acoustic guitar rhythm while track 4 is playing back through my monitors, no problem. Then I select track 1 or 2 which are my vocal inputs 1 and 2 on the TF. I have feed while the track is stopped but as soon as I arm track 1 or 2 and press play or record the feed goes away. On the TF I have the playback inputs selected as USB and the (recording) inputs 1 and 2 selected as input. I am not new to playing music but I am new to recording at this level as this is my first mixer and legitimate recording software as well. My experience with recording doesn’t go past my Zoom portable 4 track. Any help would be great.


Unless I’m misunderstanding something you are trying to record “on top” of the playback-tracks. Try recording to other tracks to keep monitoring intact of the playback tracks.