Nuendo Locking Up on Alt Tab

A better, but less succinct title for this post would be “Nuendo locking up any time the program window loses focus”

Nuendo is freezing for me every time I leave the Nuendo workspace windows and go to another program window. When I try to go back to my Nuendo session I find Nuendo unresponsive and locked up. In order to close the program I have to End Task from the Task Manager. I can repro this 100% of the time on my machine, and others in my studio are having similar issues, though not as often as me.

For example, if I simply start browsing a Windows Explorer window and try to return to Nuendo, it will be frozen. But if I stay in the Nuendo environment, the program continues to run fine. Exporting a CSV marker file is a sure way to lock up the program because after the file is exported, Nuendo opens the file location for you in a windows explorer window. Once that opens up, Nuendo locks up and becomes unresponsive.

I’m running Nuendo 7.1.20 on Windows 10 and have tried trashing my preferences, rolling back to earlier versions of N7, rolling back my Nvidia display driver (we had similar GUI related crashes back on N6 and Windows 7), and still have not had any luck.

Anyone else experienced this problem before? Any help or insights would be appreciated.

Enable “release asio driver when application is in Background”
Device Setup/ VST Audio System.

I think this will solve your problem.


Weird. I do this all the time with Nuendo running. No problems here.

It doesn’t lock up for me either. I absolutely hate Steinberg’s windows management on Windows (because it’s dumb), but at least it doesn’t lock up Nuendo.

Hey Fredo, thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, the problem persists with having that option enabled and disabled.

Could you maybe weed through your running processes and see if anything funky is running at the same time, and then try disabling it?

PS: There’s an “n” missing in your name…

If you haven’t already, check your audio setting in Windows. Make sure your studio monitors aren’t set as the default playback for Windows.

Windows is set to playback an internal Creative Sound Card, so there should be no issue there. The only other programs that use the RME are other DAWs I have installed (Reaper and Soundforge), which are not open.

Mattias, I closed all unnecessary programs and killed any extraneous processes via the task manager and the problem is still occuring.

I have even been testing it out with a completely blank session: no tracks, no plugins, nothing… and Nuendo still locks up after losing Window focus.

Robin, I see you are running an Nvidia K4000. Do you mind telling me which version of Nvidia drivers you have installed? I have an Nvidia Quadro that I am going to try to switch out with my 980Ti to see if that makes any difference…

Thanks for the ideas everyone. I’m going to keep troubleshooting…

I wasn’t able to find the root of the problem, but with the help of one of our IT guys, we did confirm the same problem on three different machines in our studio…

I need to keep working on my current project, so I’ve reinstalled Nuendo 6.5 and so far it is working like a charm…

I think the issue is related to the Aero window management in Nuendo 7.

I just came across this post because I am looking for a solution to the EXACT same issue. Whenever Nuendo loses focus it hangs…and I have to force quit using Task Manager. I have a support ticket in so I’m curious to hear if there is a solution.

I’m running Windows 10 (64bit) with an RME Fireface 800 (latest drivers). I think this possibly could have been introduced in the last Nuendo update as I’ve been running fine for several months on Windows 10.

Intel i7-5820K 3.30Ghz
32 GB ram
AMD Radeon R9 390 series

I have this issue as well. Here is a workaround that works for me.

When this issue occurs - and I still have no idea what the trigger is (this bug has happened in new sessions and old sessions alike).

After you have used task manager to close Nuendo - then reopen Nuendo -

  1. Open session that has crashed
  2. (Do something in session- not sure if this is necessary) save session
  3. Close Nuendo safely
  4. Reopen session
  5. the session should now work normally (allowing you to move from Nuendo to other programs and back)
  6. When this happens again – which doesn’t seem often (this is day 2 for me with this workaround)- repeat this process

*you may need to restart your computer after safely closing.
Sometimes I have lost audio output completely (meaning no meters work, VST performance window is completely blank – no bars)

My 100% repro for this crash (technically a freeze) is to export a CSV from Nuendo (of markers). 100% everytime - drives me CRAZY. I hope they acknowledge this and fix it soon.

Your workaround seems to work for me as long as I open the projects through “Recent Projects” and not through File > Open. So i’m back and running for now! Thanks.