Nuendo Lounge...

I know that this does not belong to this forum.

Well, though the media lounge in the Nuendo board was very quiet the last months/years this was (some years ago) one of my favorite places to hang out. Just because it was a quite familiar and polite place, usually just a couple of long-time-users… yes, lately it was dead.

But when I now visit the “one for all” Steinberg Lounge I am immediately bored by all that senseless bullshit over there.
Of course there are cool folks and quality topics, but you have to search for them, 9 out of 10 topics I check are just bullshit talk. I do not know those people, it has an anonymous touch.

I do not know if it makes sense to bring back the Nuendo Lounge again because this forum is almost dead - to many relocations I would say… but for me the Cubase Lounge (now Steinberg Lounge) ist not an option.


… I just realized that I registered 2001 over here. Or should I say “in the old Nuendo forum”. So we are talking about 12 years of forum use. Regular use. That is quite a lot these days!

Tell me one who likes :slight_smile:

The Nuendo side of the forum has always been a more “pro” and “civilized” place. Let’s keep it that way.


All that said, I also miss the old Nuendo forum and the many missing members from back then.

Well, being guilty in some way by myself (working in the studio instead of browsing audio forums) I feel absolutely the same. It was a great time. Talking about the “original” Nuendo Board from… well… 5+ years ago?! I do not know anymore.

Hi Christoph,

thanks for your comment and suggestions. With the current structure we also tried to clean up the forums a bit
as it became largely unmanageable (too many sub-fourms). I believe time will show if we need a new Media Lounge for Nuendo. The difference compared to earlier days is that many people meanwhile also using other resources, such as the Facebook or LinkedIn Nuendo user groups, which splits the traffic to different platforms.

However, I agree that we should try to continue keeping this a useful and “pro” forum.

Thank you,

Thanks, Timo!

I fully agree and understand that the intention was to clean up all those not-used Sub-Forums. This is basically a good thing :slight_smile:

Maybe it would be a compromise just to re-install a Nuendo Lounge - no different languages, no “made with” - just one Sub-Forum. Of course there are a lot of user here who use Cubase and Wavelab as well, but at least for me I prefered using the Nuendo Forum instead of the Cubase Forum even when it is very quiet over here :slight_smile: