NUENDO (Mac): video darker than in QT player

I have noticed strange thing: video files in Nuendo looks pretty darker than in native QT player. I tested it with different formats: QT H.264, QT Motion JPEG, DV.dv, DV.avi. It is not a big problem but sometime it becomes. If you work with dark scene you forced to reconvert video with increased brightness. Does it have any solution or is it inner Nuendo bug?

I decide to make this deference more visual

The original video files was reconverted with increased brightness that is why now it looks not bad in Nuendo.

No one interested this topic…anyway I continue my research and I’ve found that on timeline video is Ok

I am interested, but I don’t have any answers for you. Yet.


In fact the problem might be the other way around. The video playing back wrong in the QT player.
the Apple h.264 codec and QT is famous for its QT gamma-shift bug. I think I was told (not sure) that N5 do not take into consideration the gamma setting in QT, this to avoid playing the video back wrongfully.

Please check your videos with VLC also.
If it looks the same in VLC as N5, then no bug in N5.


As I wrote above it is happened not only with QT format and in the same time on Nuendo timeline video is not darker. Anyway I tested that video (VLC does not want to open it) in MPEG Sreamclip, SoundtrackPro and ProTools: the results are the same - video is not darker than in QT player. So probably this is feature of Nuendo.

what you’re seeing is correct, and it is normal. The Quicktime player utilizes an additional gamma filter, which the Nuendo video engine doesn’t. We intentionally bypass that filter to avoid unnessecary CPU cycles. The picture sent from Nuendo is quite raw.
The next Nuendo update will introduce a new mechanism that improves fluent video picture. Once that is established, we will investigate to use of the Quicktime filters with no performance compromises.

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But this QT gamma filter (and metadata setting in QT files) is also the cause of a lot of wrong playback of files.
It is causing havocs in the video editing world.
Question what is best? Showing the wrong picture with QT gamma filters or the more correct picture without gamma filters?
Maybe non of them.
This QT gamma problems is what causes the most workarounds today with QT.
It is rumored that Apple will finally fix this with upcoming Final Cut Studio in 2011. My guess is that whatever the fix it will not be fixed for “legacy” quicktime, and hence developers like Steinberg have to once again update quicktime support.
But maybe this time around Apple chooses to drop all the legacy api’s from qt.


And what about .avi and .dv format which are have the same problem? I am not so competent in video formats questions but it seems it does’t concern QT bugs. May be i am wrong.

There is only one player in Nuendo, so it doesn’t meter whether it dv, avi or mov…

Ok, thanks. Hope somehow it will resolved.