Nuendo Macros work on PC, but not Mac

Hi all. I work for a post house with nearly a dozen licenses of Nuendo 6.5. The machines are a mixture of mac and pc. All 64 bit, and running the latest versions. We’ve been avid users of Nuendo since version 1.

I have several long macros that I use regularly on the PC in my room, but when I try them on the mac in the same room, no workie. This holds true for other machines in the building as well. Works on PC, but not on the Macs. It’ll get about halfway through the macro and just stop. I’ve tried messing around with the key repeat settings on the keyboard to get more pause between commands to no avail. This has been a problem since Nuendo 5, and I’m finally breaking down and looking for solutions.

Thanks for you help

If you want to send the macros over here, I could probably take a look at them, Mac-wise, next week (swamped right now).


a couple suggestions though nothing definitive:

  • indeed, in the past, there would be issues with macro commands executing before a previous command in the macro has finished. i haven’t experienced that in a long while myself… but the solution would be to add harmless dummy commands inside the macro to slow it down.
  • is the macro calling another macro? that can be an issue…
  • i’ve heard from a sb tester who themselves uses a mac that he prefers to use quickeys to pace his commands and passes macros onto nuendo in the form of separate keycommands, because he claims it’s more reliable. all irony involved aside, this could mean it could be a mac thing… but one thing i’d also try out of curiosity is to delete all the macros on the mac,and rebuild one command by command, just to see…

overall the macro system is quite horrible, and has remained untouched since the beginning. no previewer, commands sometimes inserting in the wrong places, the screen showing the macro commands tiny and unexpandable… i hope this gets addressed soon. a macro recorder would be most welcome.

I can personally not set that irony aside.

They are not recalling other macros.

Each of the commands in the macros have quick keys, but I refuse to lose the macro functionality and step through one command at a time. That takes tons of my time away. As a dialogue editor, speed is king, and time is money.

I have tried deleting the macros, and re-building each of them, comparing them line for line to the PC. No effect.

I second your complaints about the macro system, and have struggled with each of your listed issues. I have no idea why it hasn’t been revamped in any subsequent versions. Audition has done script/favorite recording for a decade. Why not Nuendo? That would greatly simplify the process.

I’ll try inserting the dummy commands in between the important ones. Good idea!

appreciate the offer. The macros are very “situation dependent”, and it would take a lot of explanation to familiarize you with what I’m trying to accomplish. I don’t want to take up too much of your time.

Let me know when things let up, and we’ll talk.


I tried inserting two dummy commands between each macro command to slow it down. I stepped through the new sequence with the dummy commands to make sure the desired result was still achieved. The sequence worked fine, but not as a macro, once again.

Any other ideas?

Shot in the dark here- if Logical Editor Presets are involved there might be some differences Mac/PC…

No Logical Editor Presets. Strictly Macros

Hey, in the “what goes around, comes around” department-- I’m always looking to shake up my macro paradigm, and would be plenty interested in seeing how you work. Will be in touch if I survive this week!


I have personally almost given up on the macro side. It was too frustrating to see how often things don’t work.