Nuendo Mixer 6.5 (wave mode?)

Any one else confirm that the waveform mode of the mixer in Nuendo 6 and 6.5 not working when you swap from PPM to Wave mode in the global prefs?
Or am i missing something. I even saw a video showing Nuendo inside Nuage that lets you swap from one to the other.
Is this a functions of the Nuage addon?

It is working fine here.
You can change it by right clicking on a channel meter in the mixer and select the meter type by drop down menu. The wave meter will only work on audio tracks, not instrument tracks.

No go for me. I even have global settings set to wave not ppm. if i RT click i only get a few options… none of which that I can see are change to wave. This is a track with a wave file. not instr.
Was there somewhere else you mean that i should right click?

I was clicking on the meters in the meter bridge. But it should not matter.
I see you are on a Mac, I am on PC.
I will check my MacBook and see if it is working.

Ahhhh i seee. it shows up in meter bridge… not in the level meters… DOH…