Nuendo mouse hang up lag


I “often” experience the problem / bug, that my Nuendo is “hanging up” and doesn’t react to my mouse actions like clicks, drag’n’drop, …
This occurs about 1 to 2 times within an hour. This is pretty annoying… the whole DAW lags / hangs up. It only helps to wait, sometimes after a few seconds, it works again. Sometimes only a restart helps…
The thing is, Nuendo isn’t crashing at all, I can save with ctrl+s… never tried if key commands work during the lag… but it just doesnt react to my mouse actions.

The mouse itself works while the lag in Windows and other programs.
Anybody else have this issue / bug?

All the best


  • key commands work
  • saving via keyboard works

Hi Chednb… same issue here.
Did you find a solution?

Thanx in advance,