Nuendo needs to be force quit - MAC

Since installing the latest update I have to force quit Nuendo every time. This happened previously and disappeared in 6.05, anyone else experiencing this? John.

Similar issue (hope this isn’t a hijack): Mine crashes on closing almost every time. Crash report, etc. Doesn’t seem to actually hurt anything; no data lost. But it does happen.

I trashed my default preferences and it seemed to help, but have not been able to really “road test” it (I’ve temporarily brought back the old offending prefs in order to save some of the settings before really throwing them away).


I don’t think that’s a hijack!

I have had to force quit 5 or 6 times today. First session was 64 tracks and lots of per clip automation, when I closed it I had to force quit, thought maybe it was because the session was so busy. Next session, 1 track of VO and I have to force quit. This was not happening to me in 6.05. I trashed prefs before installing 6.05, will try that with 6.06 but this should not have to happen. John.

It’s a EuCon related bug: