Nuendo not responsive

I’m trialling out Nuendo 8 with the latest update but it never fails to become unresponsive when I change to another Window or when I close a project via X.

I really want to change to Nuendo from Cubase but quite frankly it never works for long enough for me to have any confidence in it at all.

The projects are .cpr but should this even matter?

I know it’s built as a more professional program than Cubase but the thing is Cubase runs wonderfully so something is wrong here and i don’t know what.

All i know is Cubase won’t show Dialog on a Video so I have hit a road block with my workflow and it is very disappointing.

Sorry for the downer on this but I am not happy enough to pay all that money when Cubase is so good and runs for hours on basic hardware while Nuendo can’t even stay open for a few minutes at times.

There are a few wierd bugs in Nuendo 8.21. I find that if I minimize Nuendo and open something else, I will be unable to get Nuendo to maximize again. That happens almost all the time. Other odd bug is that using F3 to bring up the mixer “may” not show the correct channels. The scroll bar at the bottom is in the correct place, but the actual display may be of different channels. Once you move the scroll bar, it will refresh the screen to the correct channel. I can also just hit F3 three times to open, colose and the reopen the mixer. Then the channels are displayed correctly. The other issue is random freezes where Nuendo become unresponsive. This is always on start or exit of the program.
Oddly, I was thinking of switching to Cubase to see if these problems would go away.

I changed the GPU to use discrete graphics and many of the instances (not problems) seem to have disappeared but it’s disconcerting nontheless.

Thankfully in my situation, the talent was able to use lyric sheets instead but all my effort to include ADR was in vain since it was not needed but it was great trialling the software for the time I did and it gave me great insight into a potential future workflow.

Put it this way, even though I could likely get in on EDU pricing, having to pay that once a year or every two and need to suffer these kinds of problems, no thanks and some people called Nuendo the Flagship!

In my view Cubase is the flagship because it nearly always performs better and while the programs are very similar in some respects, in others they are chalk and cheese, in particular with respect to the audio engine.

It’s now the same audio engine.

I don’t believe so because Cubase chooses the first Stereo inputs available in the list of Audio Connections, whereas Nuendo will chose Mono.

In any case the engine(s) could do with an overhaul, for example it would be nice to be able to choose “No Driver” while having settings retained if you simply want to be able to do things like exporting of CSV markers and so on, now that would be a professional feature in my view.