Nuendo not saving 3rd party instrument automation

when saving settings in a project in nuendo 13, upon reloading… all the effects I have saved such as having the reverb selected “on” and stereo doubler “on” in my east/west opus engine itself, they are loaded in the off position even after saving them on the on position. I have to manually turn on the effects at the start of each loaded session. This also goes for all my other instruments on opus. Shouldn’t nuendo save those settings? Ive even tried to automate them to no avail. Ive also contacted east/west soundsonline as well.


Please, change the title. It seems the automation is the slave issue. The main issue is, that Nuendo doesn’t store the On/Off value.

Could you attach the screenshots before (when you save the project) an after (when you reopen the project), please?

So I am in touch with east/west and they werent able to find an issue with the final version of nuendo 12. They were able to save on/off data with their opus engine without any problem reloading. So it must be a nuendo 13 issue. I see theres a maintenance update in vs 13 so maybe that will contain the fix.


Or it can be only at your system. I believe, EastWest has an access to the latest Steinberg products. They should test it on Cubase 13.0.20.

Do you have the same issue with another (3rd) plug-in?

This is their email from yesterday.


The behaviour is exactly the same in Cubase 13 as it is in Nuendo 13. But lets eait for their test results.

Following the guidance from east/west solved the issue. Had to do a complete re-install of opus as well as updated Nuendo to 13.0.20
Nuendo is now controlling the on/off effects on Opus

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