Nuendo & Nuendo Live recording files

Hi all,

I’d like to record in Nuendo (and occasionally Nuendo Live) and have Nuendo chuck out a PolyWav (so that I can pull it into another DAW quickly) rather than a series of stereo/mono files that I then have to individually pull into my other DAW for editing.

Is that possible in Nuendo? I think if I make a, say, 22.2 channel it will create a 24 channel PolyWav but that seems like a poor way of doing it. I’d like to be able to export PolyWavs of any number of channels. Is it possible?


No, not possible.

What is your other DAW?


That’s a shame. Are there options to change the file structure of how Nuendo records (and stores) files to the ‘Audio’ folder? As opposed to ‘exporting’ or ‘bouncing’ a selection?

TBH, if you record some material, let’s say one hour, 24 tracks, you get 24 audio files with the same length.
You can drag and drop them into most DAWs, without any conversion or exporting.

You just need to make sure they end on different tracks.

The trouble is:

I’ll most likely end up with 600 takes split over 4 days, each take might be up to 32 channels. I’m trying to see if there is a quick way I can just move the tracks from Nuendo to SADiE as quickly as possible.

I usually just record into SADiE but it’s not the most stable and I end up mixing in Nuendo anyway as the editing in SADiE isn’t, er, great…

I might try an AAF…

If you create a new project, all corresponding files will get stored in the audio folder of that project. Keep every project in its own folder.

Make a template in the beginning to avoid the setup time for every new song/part.

You can incorporate the song name in the track names to have the files named with the song and the track.

If you need to make exports, it costs much more time.

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