Nuendo on Mac: Mavericks experiences?

Yesterday I installed Mac OSX 10.9 Mavericks on my MacPro rig and found out that Nuendo 6.06 worked seamlessly, but unfortunately my EU-Con adaptor wasn’t recognized by the system…….and besides that, the MetricHalo (my I/O) driver wasn’t recognized as well with loud white-noise-bursts as a result (only in NUENDO, not in iTunes f.e.)……….very annoying, but fortunately MetricHalo provided an update on their drivers……

I decided immediately to restore my system back into OSX 10.8.5 which works quite well, and await the update from AVID (EU-Con) and other 3rd party-manufacurers………

Anyone nice® experiences?

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ll expect for more info until update.

I’m a beta tester for Metric Halo and I spotted the problem way back in the first 10.9 developer preview in June.

It’s a “feature” of CoreAudio that has changed with 10.9 and every audio device driver that uses that feature, the way it was implemented before 10.9, should be afflicted with the same problem. I guess we will see in the next days and weeks what other audio interface drivers use that feature.

That being said, it’s a very circumscribed problem that only affected Nuendo/Cubase and Audirvana, an “audiophile” player. I had no problem with Logic Pro (9 and X), Pro Tools 10.3.7 and various sound editors and utilities.

Steinberg wrote a statement about their 10.9 -experience on the Cubase-forum, explaining the white-noise-bursts:

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Just wondering if anyone has experienced funny window behavior when opening a project. I open the project and I can’t seem to call up other windows, mixer for example. So I close the project within Nuendo. With Nuendo still open I then select the project from the finder and all is good. Other than that, Mavericks working well for me.