Nuendo on TOP

using win 10, how do I get Nuendo always on top? If im in nuendo, and I have explorer open to drop files in, the dialog that pops up is always behind explorer. I used to have it in version 8, just don’t know how to get it back in 12.


I think this is a Windows issue. I had the same issue dragging and droping a file into other app behind the file explorer when the other application opens a modal form asking something.


Yeah I assume it is, but there used to be a way to designate it in app I though.

Maybe someone else knows???

I’ve gone back and forth between Windows and Mac over the years and when I moved to Nuendo 2 years ago, it was on a Windows system. The Nuendo ‘always on-top/focus thing’ drove me nuts. I didn’t have the issue on my iMac at the office. When the M1’s came out, I happily switched back at home largely due to this problem.