Nuendo on Win 10 /Please get rid of "blurry" Windows' System Fonts in Menu

There is a persistent issue on windows 10 PCs - the system fonts are a liitle bit blurry - at least for cetrain display set ups. That’s a DPI issue in windows 10. Across the internet there are a lot of solutions
(like this How to Fix Blurry Font Problem In Windows 10
or like this
Fix Fuzzy Windows 10 Text on High Resolution Displays )
In my case (and I would consider myself an advanced windows user) none of the solutions works. I have a HP Omen Notebook with 17’ Display. I also don’t think I am the only one with this issue. One can kind of get used to it. But in long term it’s hard on eyes. Unfortunately these are the fonts, which are used in Nuendo and Cubase in the menues. So the blurry fonts on Win 10 issue affects Cubendo as well. That’s how it looks like
NU10 Windows 7 - Blurry Menu Fonts?
So my suggestion/feauture request would be -
get rid of the problematic windows font in the menues and instead use the fonts, which are used in other parts/elements of Nuendo (editors, mixer, dialoges etc.)
The nice side effect of it would be - more graphically consistent program.

Have you tried changing the DPI setting in Nuendo 11? I only work on PC with Nuendo and I have not had that issue even with 4K monitors.