Nuendo output louder than external playback

Hi! I have a big problem with Nuendo. I got a recored and mixed speaker for a job and listened to it, it sounded good. When I later imported it into Nuendo the audio gets distorted!
I exported the distorted project from Nuendo but when I listened to the exported file outside Nuendo it’s not distorted anymore, so it’s only while playing from Nuendo.
Just to try. I imported it into my trial of Cubase LE and it didn’t distort, so it’s only in Nuendo.
Before this my exports have always bin a little bit low but I just normalized it with dbPoweramp.

When I look on my soundcard’s meter when playing from an external player it says -0,3, but in nuendo it says OVR (distorted). What i have to do is add a limiter (L1) and drag it down to -5,9 to get the same meter-output on my soundcard.

I haven’t changed any settings that I know if except picking my Soundcard. I’m using a RME Babyface, if that’s to any help.

I hope someone can help me with this because I have no idea what’s going on.

You should double check your output routings.
Sounds like a doubled output, like Control Room and output activated to the same output channels.


Yes. I’ve made this mistake in the past.

That was it. I most have expediently turned the control room. Really thanks!

Hmm… Now I found out why I got this. When I open the MediaBay to search for sounds I don’t have any audio if I don’t add a pair of speakers in the Studiotab in VST Connections, but when I add this I get dubble output from the timeline. How can I fix this?


Either assign your mix bus to another baby face output or mix to a bus that’s not assigned to a hardware output. In the Output tab of VST Connections right click on the bus and make sure it’s the “default output” or wording similar. The CR will listen to that bus for output.


Isn’t there any way to make the mediabay use the standard sterieo output? Right now this is how my VST Connection-tabs looks like:

The stereo in the Output-tab is set as main mix.

I only use Analog 1 and 2 for output, it’s the only speakers I have and they are connected to those outputs.
The only way for me to get sound in the mediabay is to add Monitor 1 in the Studio-tab.
I didn’t understand completly what you ment for me to do.

In the Outputs tab (the left of your jpeg) you should disconnect the speakers.


Your Output should be set to “not connected”.
Then you configure Control Room,a dn everything should work perfectly.


Works perfect now. Thanks for all the help! :slight_smile: