Nuendo Panning question

Hi everyone.
In the project I’m working on, I have an artist miming on stage to a mastered music track. Its a stereo master and I don’t have access to separate stems. What is the best way to get that track to play on my center channel in surround? Do I just dump it on a mono track and play it with the stereo track, or use the front divergence of the VST multipanner on the stereo track?
I did try to isolate the vocals in RX but it did not come out well.
Any ideas would be much appreciated?

Thanks Janno

Not the only option, but certainly my first call for stereo-to-surround upmixing:
Halo Upmix | NUGEN Audio

Try the Anymix Pro panner which comes with Nuendo.


Thanks everyone

Its only for creating a slight emphises for your vocal if the vocal in the stereo mix it is not cutting through on an already mastered.
Anymix Pro is a little better for dialogue than other up mixer and it also has center emphises feature to let you nudge the vocal in the surround up-mix. Try slapping the RX extract or better the supplied Spectralayer pro unmix feature and slapping it over the up-mix to get a better representation.