Nuendo Pixelating

Nuendo 12.0.40 on Windows 10 Pro.

This past week, I started getting pixelating flashes in Nuendo 12. At first I thought I was losing a monitor display. But it’s only happening in Nuendo when it’s playing and/or recording. I’ve seen some posts regarding video glitching that dates all the way back to ver. 8. But this is NOT that. I’m not running any video. It’s the Nuendo app itself that’s doing it, some small some rather large flashing. It doesn’t seem to have any effect on performance. But besides annoying it’s kind of scary, since you don’t know if it’s warning of some greater problem to come.

Anyone else here have any experience with this. This is the first time I’ve seen anything like this and I’ve been on Nuendo since Version 1! Any help or suggestions to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

My first guess would be your video card is starting to die. Nuendo uses 3D acceleration for its interface, whereas may other Windows programs don’t, and that kind of thing is something you sometimes see in video cards if they are starting to have issues. You can test that theory by running some other 3D software and see if it exhibits similar behavior.

Okay, thanks.

I updated to the latest settings on my NVIDIA graphics card. No change. What causes a graphics card to die and, if that is the cause, why is it ONLY effecting Nuendo? I’m not having any problems with any other programs (Vegas for example)? Is it a “You’ve been warned on one App and then everything crashes” kind of scenario?

I’m not sure what causes them to fail, it is pretty rare for it to happen. I’ve seen it about twice in my career and I’m not sure that is what has happened for you, it is just that what you describe is what I’ve seen when they do fail.

As for Vegas have you tried using any of its 3D effects? The Vegas UI itself doesn’t use the card’s 3D rendering engine I don’t think.

I’m also not sure this is your issue, just a guess based on what you’ve described.

Thanks so much for your replies and attempts to help. It is greatly appreciated. Another and much more aggravating symptom is that the PC has been having serious issues with buffering and freezing on online video streams. Someone suggested that this MIGHT be a problem with RAM. But I’m actually getting messages from sites like YouTube asking if I’m experiencing buffering/stuttering transmission problems. They make it sound like it’s some heavy traffic issue because of the time of day. But NONE of my other PCs are having this issue.

I purchased another graphics card, just in case. But I don’t want to swap it out until I’m sure that’s the problem. This is very frustrating.

I thought you narrowed the problem down to a Nuage connection, potentially at least. Now that you’re mentioning streaming problems I’m almost wondering if it could have to do with your network connection - is it also used with Nuage in any way?

At one point I used to have those YouTube issues as well but can’t recall exactly how that was resolved unfortunately.

Nuage is on the network using Cat6 connections. But if was a hardware problem, wouldn’t the streaming be fine when the hardware is off? That’s the only time I’m using streaming sites like YouTube. If the hardware is on, then I’m using Nuendo 12 and everything else is off.

Well is everything running through a switch or router or something? Could you perhaps try bypassing it?

If you want to test your RAM, Memtest86 does a fantastic job. It will take a long time if you have a lot of RAM, but it tests EVERYTHING. You can also ask Windows to do a memory test, but it’ll do a more rudimentary one.

For video card there are things you can test: The first is Furmark. It is a general purpose GPU stress test. If your card is healthy, it should run it fine and just spin up its fan to maximum as it cools itself. If your card in unhealthy, it may pixelate, crash, or do other undesirable things. It can’t find all GPU problems, but it is one of the go-tos in the IT field for checking a GPU.

You can also test your card’s VRAM. I don’t have any tools I love for that, but there are a couple that’ll work. OCCT is a general purpose system/stress tester and it can do it. GPUMemTest is one that is directed at just VRAM testing and does an ok job.

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The PC is plugged directly into the router. Everything else is going to the switch.